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Visit our Facebook page, post a selfie rocking your tree braids, tag Amber or myself and receive $25.00 off your next appointment .



Welcome, to all that has come to sit a while and visit with me. I am so thrilled that I have reached this point in my business venture. I have come a long way, yet I have a long way to go.

For all of you that do not know me, Alka Johnson is my name and Treebraids are my thang. I love doing them and I am always searching for new ways to improve upon them.

Please sit a spell, check out my website and hit me back and let me know how I can serve you or how I can serve you better.

- A unique braided hairstyle that allows you to temporarily change your hair's curl pattern and color. This hairstyle is low maintenance, versatile and very elegant. Treebraids allows your hair to take a break from everyday maintenance.Your hair is completely protected while the extension hair can be used to create your perfect look. Treebraids are the ultimate in styling flexibility! Also, styling treebraids are just as versatile as styling ones own natural hair, you can pin it up, wear a ponytail or just allow it to flow. Treebraids (known in other regions of the country as lacing, integrated weave and interlock) are small cornrows that start at the front hairline and end at the nape of the neck or they can go in a circular pattern to give a fuller look and the versitility of a bang. Treebraids are the perfect way to grow out a relaxer and transition to natural hair..







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